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DirectTV Reviews

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  • Promised a rate for 12 months

    Direct tv promised a rate of 67.74 for 12 months and upped the charge to 76.10 the third month. I called the 4th month and was told somebody would contact me. 30 days later I called again and was given no explanation as to why I was not contacted but was told this was a rate increase. I asked whether I was under contract...I was told yes. I explained that i was promised the 67.74 rate for 12 months!!! and that they were breaching their commitment. You can not increase a rate for any reason when you were promised otherwise under a contract. I know this goes on constantly and is wrong! More...
    (Cable TV)
    neversummer's Picture   neversummer    0 Comments   Comments
  • Bank account charged without notice

    Direct tv went into my bank account and took money out of it without my permission. I spoke to Yolanda & Shyrln to be told at first the charges would be revearsed only to be told that no they would not. The only recourse they are offering me is this complaint center, which I feel has to clout. They feel the justification is that I used a bank card to make a couple of payments. I never signed anything or received any notice they were going to do this. Now my bank account is overdrawn & lousy customer service. I thought they were pretty good up til now. More...
    (Cable TV)
    fharding's Picture   fharding    0 Comments   Comments
  • Directv NFL Pachage charged without notice

    Had Directv for just over a year, When I signed up they said the packages I choose came with the NFL Sunday package. I told them I did not want it would not watch it, They said not to worry that it was free with our package, Last month I was having some health issues taken care of through the VA.This month we checked our billing and found our bill had jumped up to $189,00 way more than we can afford. I went on line to check our statement to see what the problem was and found the nfl package for about forty dollars I called and told them I did not order this package, Agent said they sent out... More...
    (Cable TV)
    mdwirtz's Picture   mdwirtz    1 Comments   Comments
  • installation

    Direct TV did not do the installation correctly. There were supposed to rectify this situation, but the installation guy called in sick 2 weeks after the original installation. I also suspended the account due to moving a few months down the road and was never notified of a movers fee until i purchased a new house and was getting ready to set up the new installation. Also, i submitted multiple e-mails and made multiple phone calls only to be told lies and that the movers fee only costs $199 vice $300. I also requested to speak to a supervisor on multiple occasions, but never received a... More...
    JacobMorse's Picture   JacobMorse    0 Comments   Comments
  • Installation and movers fee

    Direct TV did not do the installation correctly. I also suspended the account due to moving and was never notified of a movers fee until i purchased a new house and was getting ready to set up the new installation. Also, i submitted multiple e-mails and made multiple phone calls only to be told lies and that the movers fee only costs $199 vice $300. I also requested to speak to a supervisor on multiple occasions, but never received a call back. This company is terrible especially for one that prides itself on customer satisfaction. More...
    JacobMorse's Picture   JacobMorse    0 Comments   Comments
  • Incorrect Installation and not notified about movers fee

    Basically, DirectTV incorrectly installed standard definition. They were unable to come out to fix it for 2 weeks and the day they were supposed to install the installation guy called in sick. Due to a job interview and my sons birthday out of state i was unable to reschedule another appointment. The suspended the service due to moving and upon buying a new home after moving they stated out of the blue that i had to pay a $300 movers fee. Months later multiple phone calls and e-mails the account goes to collections. DirectTV is now stating that they never stated that the movers fee was $300... More...
    JacobMorse's Picture   JacobMorse    0 Comments   Comments
  • Love DirectTV

    DirecTV is really great. I think their customer service rocks. Every year or so, I call when my rates go up, threaten to cancel and they give me a great deal to stay! Their customer service people are so friendly and nice and really do bend over backwards to help. I will probably never leave them just because they continue to work with me and lower my rates. More...
    amarsh422's Picture   amarsh422    0 Comments   Comments
  • Black Screen Between channels

    I have about 10 seconds of black screen when changing channels. It is very annoying. Direct TV refuses to issue the new DVR to me without a 2 year contract. I have been a customer for over 15 years and I am not getting the cut rate for new customers who get the new equipment and a much lower price. I don't feel DT values my business. How about fixing the black screen issue. The service usually goes out during rain storms so all the hype about it not happening is not true. More...
    wanwatk's Picture   wanwatk    0 Comments   Comments
  • BEWARE! DirectTV

    BEWARE! DirectTV their poor customer service, questionable ethics and practice of telling you anything to get you to subscribe! I have been a customer for 7 months and prior to signing my contract I called DirectTV directly notifying them that I would be moving in 7-8 months. I asked directly, %u201CI will be moving in 7-8 months, will there be a fee for me to transfer my service?%u201D I was told %u201CNo, there will be no additional fee to move your service during you contract.%u201D I then signed up my service and was happy with what I was provided. 7-8 months later%u2026 I called... More...
    namoore13's Picture   namoore13    0 Comments   Comments
  • Service

    We have had DirectTV for many years now (nearly 10 I think) and whenever we have had a problem with billing or service, they have ALWAYS been very polite and quick to positively resolve the problem. They have helped us a number of times on the phone to resolve a problem as well as had a repair person come out and adjust the satelite. I know not everyone can have the same experience as we've had throughout the years, oh that they could! I can't think of a single thing to complain about with this company or it's employees. (Sure we all want more for less, but we have shopped... More...
    Caylasowner's Picture   Caylasowner    0 Comments   Comments
  • Sales misleading bait and switch!

    I spent almost 40 minutes on the phone today with Dennis from sales. I asked to get a realistic quote for the ultimate package along with the genie whole house HD DVR system for the main TV and two others. I was quoted 56.99 for the first year. He then said to check for other deals they would need to run a credit check. My wife and I gave our credit infor. He told us we scores very well but the monthly fee would not be 66.99 because his initial quote did not include an HD receiver nor the genie whole house. If you are not giving me a quote for what I ask for I call that misleading.... More...
    jonas's Picture   jonas    0 Comments   Comments
  • would not setup second account

    I was told I could take one of my existing boxes to my new address and plug it in and all would be good. Bullshit! Sorry but it is true. You are not allowed to have two accounts with direct tv and use a box that you own from your previous account. I have been a loyal customer since 2005. I own my recievers but can only use them at one address. The one that I opened the account with. I can cancel my service or move my service to the new address. But I can not take my old reciever and just plug it in the wall at the MDU I moved to and get service. I must get a box from direct path and start... More...
    (Cable TV)
    bikinrandy's Picture   bikinrandy    0 Comments   Comments
  • Bad Business Practices

    Just talked with DirectTV customer service. First off, the rep reminded me to submit my rebate offers, and when I said I had, he said, "calm down," it's just a reminder. Don't need reminding for something I'd already done. I've been a subscriber for a month and asked about changing an existing box for a HD box. I was told it would cost an additional $170, and a two year contract. I talked to the manager on duty and she says that there is a 2 week window to make adjustments, but admitted that they don't make that known when a new order is signed. If... More...
    Tobinwa's Picture   Tobinwa    0 Comments   Comments
  • Denied Refund

    Overpayment: Seeking a refund I interacted with employee #PH055937: i recently overpaid my bill on a debit card and asked for a refund. 5 minutes had not passed from realizing this and requesting the refund. I was told it would be 60 days for the refund to appear in my account. I requested a supervisor. I was told I could not speak to a supervisor because they could not authorize a more rapid refund. I requested a supervisor 8 times, and had only begun counting when I realized there was never any intention of transferring me. I let them know I was counting by saying this is my fifth... More...
    spa97's Picture   spa97    0 Comments   Comments
  • warranty service?

    I have been a DirectTV customer for 10 years & have never been informed of this little "gotcha". Today I was informed that if I had my "now non-working" receiver & LNB covered by warranty)replaced that I would be obligated to another 12 months of service contract (not hardware but tv service)! Amazing & I think not... I have paid for years just to cover problems with hardware & its replacement. DirectTV has always been good to work with but I'm finding that there is more & more influence from AT&T (maybe?) Just read what you might... More...
    tomvette's Picture   tomvette    0 Comments   Comments
  • Rip Off -Bait and Switch

    I signed up online for Directtv, for a 'special online offer' of a reduced rate. I decided to cancel the order for varying reasons. Within minutes I was contacted via phone by one of their reps, inquiring why I was canceling. The rep offered an additional $5.00 reduced price per month bringing my bill to $44. After waiting more than two weeks and one cancellation of the installation date without notice by Directtv. I got service on the 9th of the month. Apparently they billed for whole month at the end of that same month. The bill was issued to another occupant's name so I... More...
    gratefull2u's Picture   gratefull2u    0 Comments   Comments
  • Unbelievable!

    I am so sick of directtv...every time I try to order a movie, I get charged but the it's not shown that I purchased it on my email...then I have to call and wait for anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour to get the matter resolved...Tonight was the WORST...after being on hold for 32 minutes, the manager finally got on but immediatly hung up on back, go through process...wait for ANOTHER hour in abd ebd up being told that I was now getting transferred to a manager...only it turns out that it wasn't a was a customer service agent who DID NOT SPEAK... More...
    (Cable TV)
    candacelopez's Picture   candacelopez    0 Comments   Comments
  • Wonderful treatment

    My wife and I had a problem with our hand-held (Direct TV)Remote Control. We immediately called them at their toll free number and spoke to "Angelie" a Representative of Direct TV. She immediately solved out problem and forwarded us a new hand held Remote Control. What a wonderful person she was to talk with; she was working in North Carolina and loved her company; it is so nice to hear employees speak well of their company; you could easily tell that she loved her position involved in the helping of others; Direct TV and its employees is one employer each and every Direct TV... More...
    (Repair Services)
    Schir's Picture   Schir    0 Comments   Comments

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rademullins says: (8 years ago)
I was considering cancelling my service with Direct TV, but after speaking with two customer service reps over the weekend in Tennessee and South Carolina, I will not be canceling. As long as Direct TV retains reps such as Sheryl in Tenn and the young lady in SC who got me to Sheryl, I will stay with the company. Their attitude was all about me, they were helpful, friendly, understanding, and I couldn't have been happier! Way to go keeping reps like this!!

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